The Gift in Every Moment Is a New Perception!


On Sunday morning I awoke in a panic because of the light outside my window. It was way too bright to be 5:30am. I had slept in!

It was 7:47am and I had a rehearsal at 7:45! 

I SCREAMED at the sight of my clock, and then I put on some clothes, drank some water and ran out the door -- turban material in hand.

I somehow managed to arrive at 8:12am. But by this time I had realized that there was nothing to be panicked about. 

All was well.

I was on my way to the Creative Living Fellowship, and once we got through the rehearsal, the service began at 9am. 

What do you think the Minister's topic was for the day?

Yep. the gift in every moment. 

All week I had been editing this video entitled "Everything that Happens Is a Gift."

Ok God, got it.

It turns out I too needed to understand that everything is a gift. 

In fact, I had really needed the extra sleep. That was a HUGE gift. 

I felt loved, and grateful beyond words. 

Oh to be a fully AWAKENED individual, OPEN to the downpour of gifts being showered on us in each moment...

Oh how RICH we would be! Oh how HAPPY we would be! Oh how much LOVE we would feel!

This video is a deep dive into the "magic mantra," which shifts negative thought into positive thought.


Are you unwrapping the gift in every moment? Let me know.


Sirgun Kaur

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