Radical Appreciation

Greetings Friend,

Today I want to talk about RA: Radical Appreciation. Or "RA" as in the sunlight that emanates from your hear when you notice something that is going well for you. Or "RA" as in "ra ra ra", like a cheerleader encouraging YOU through your day.

When we notice the positive aspects of our life, it's really a win-win. Not only are we choosing a focus that is uplifting, it creates a momentum of positivity so that even more things can be viewed through that lens.

I used to complain a lot. In fact, I used to complain without even using words.

Every done that?

It's like: "ugh", "humph," big fat sigh of "pity me", and the like.

I'm pretty sure it's a human thing to complain, because we see things all the time that we don't like. And if we keep it all bottled up we eventually blow something else out of proportion...

It's not very balanced.


Rather than attempt the impossible and stop complaining, I recommend starting appreciating.

It's much easier to start a new habit than stop an old one.

But if you're clever and choose a new habit that replaces the old one, you basically trick yourself into quitting. 

One of my favorite teachers in Phoenix once told me that in order to quit smoking she started pranayam (breath exercises). Her body quickly caught on that it couldn't do both, and her focus gradually became centered about pulling in more prana (lifeforce energy), rather than nicotine. She got an energy boost either way, and she much preferred the pranayam.


Anything that you notice that is working. The water that runs from your faucet. The hair growing from your head. The sun shining above you. The air coming into your lungs. The cars moving through traffic. The trees growing. The birds flying. The bakeshop around the corner. The coffee in your cup. ANYTHING that you can truly get jazzed about.


Try it for 40 days, or even just one day, and see how it shifts your attention. Energy follows attention. I promise you, if you shift your focus towards the things that are working in your life, and thus away from the things that aren't, your life will be transformed.

Happy trails on your journey. You are exactly where you are supposed to be!


Here are some tools to help along the way:

~ BLESS THE GOOD Song: see what's working and bless it ~

~ YOU, BEAUTY Playlist: songs that remind you of your goodness ~

Sirgun Kaur

P.S. If all else fails, meditate or take a nap. Treat yourself well!

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