Prickly Beauty through the Lens of Love

Some things are easy to love. Some things are harder to love. But I believe all things have the potential to inspire love, when we look through the lens of love. And I think the prickly beauty of cacti is a nice place to start.

When I first moved to Phoenix, I loved all the desert flora. After a while though, I started to miss tall greens, cooler climes... seasons!

Some things are easy to love. Like dessert. Not the desert. DESSERT. The stuff with sprinkles, with frosting, with obvious sweetness.

And then there is guilt. Guilt of imbibing too much sweetness. Guilt from participating in something so easy to love. It makes it harder to love something so easy to love, doesn't it?

For a long period of time after college while I was trying to "get healthy, " I actually convinced myself I didn't even like dessert. Like, not even the raw vegan desserts I would occasionally allow myself.

It was kale and more kale for a few years there... and if it wasn't kale, it was green juice, or zucchini noodles, or cashew cheese.

My point is that you can convince yourself of pretty much anything; find beauty, find flavor, find LOVE in pretty much anything, if you are determined to find it.

My children are often easy to love. And often hard to love. I know they are not the cause of my fluctuating assessment of them. It is only my choice to see clearly (or not) in the moment.

So, enjoy your cacti, your tall trees, and your cupcakes... or whatever it is you love.

But remember that anything can be re-framed and seen through the lens of love.

As Louise Hay said "it is only a thought, and a thought can be changed."

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Sirgun Kaur

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