Positive Affirmations: Do They Work?

Greetings Light Being,

Many people use positive affirmations to change their patterns of belief. This is a tool that many teachers give their students.

Replacing a negative thought pattern with a positive one is extremely useful. Anything that raises our vibration opens us up to more good in our life. The idea is to become a vibrational magnet to everything and anything that would delight you... without trying at all. Just being happy.

Here is one that struck my fancy just yesterday, from Bob Proctor:

Or one from Louise Hay:

One of my teachers here in Phoenix once told me that affirmations usually don't work because people tend not to believe what they are saying. She recommended doing Reiki on yourself while you do say an affirmation. I like using EFT tapping with an affirmation for this reason.

Abraham-Hicks says something similar. They explain that it is not the words, but the feeling we get from saying them, that helps to transform our beliefs. They recommend doing affirmation when we know we are feeling good. After meditation, for example, is a great time to do affirmations.

In a sense, the words are just a vehicle for positive thought. You could just say "Blah blah blah" with joy and gratitude and it would do the same thing as "I am joyful and grateful" (for example).

But most people don't get an emotional response from saying "Blah blah blah", so actual words are used.

And Yogi Bhajan of course gave many positive affirmations, such as one of my favorites: "I am the light of my soul. I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am bliss. I am. I am."

or a variation: "I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful. Bountiful, blissful, and beautiful I am."

The real test is if they work FOR YOU.

I find positive affirmations to be very helpful, but I only use them when I'm in a good mood already.

I like mantras because I don't need to believe them for them to work, but sometimes it is nice to actually speak something in your own language.

You decide.

Let me know what YOUR experience has been with affirmations, and which are your favorite.

Here are some of my musical favorites in as a Spotify playlist. It's my most popular playlist, not surprisingly. :-)

Sirgun Kaur

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