Playing Total Surrender for Bhakti Fest's 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Sat Nam Friend,

I am back from a week in the California desert, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bhakti Fest. This is one of the pieces I played for my sacred chant concert on Friday, Sept. 14.

I was joined by Greg Barnett on bass, Clayton Campbell on percussion, Chad Wilkins on guitar, Candace Park on viola, Radharani on vocals, and Dharma Fears on vocals.

I was not expecting to get footage from this concert, so seeing this in my inbox upon my return was a very nice surprise indeed!

The mantras in this song are:

  1. So paatisah(u) sahaa paatisahib Naanak rahan rajaaee
  2. Ik ong kaar sat naam siree waaheguroo
  3. Waaheguroo, waaheguroo, waaheguroo, waahe jio
They are not generally used together. They came to me in a dream when I was writing the music for -8. I loved the way they sounded together, especially the overlapping "waheguru" part. 

And thank you to Jake J. Thomas and Masood Ali Khan for your footage!


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