Overcome Your Issues

Sat Naam,

This is a response to a question I got on facebook.

How do I overcome issues?

I used to think I had to talk out my problems. This was how I was raised: You talk out your feelings to a loved one, and they help you work out a plan of attack.

It took me a while to realize this system is totally flawed. For one, it defies Universal Law. But no big deal there, right? (I kid.)

The deeper I have gone into my yoga practice, and my understanding of the law of vibration, quantum physics, and humanology, I have come to truly understand what Yogi Bhajan called "dissolving" our problems.

Eistein said "No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it."

This is a statement from someone who understands that our energy follows our attention. Our attention creates an environment. This environment has a vibrational "ecosystem" that will be more or less conducive to the growth of certain things. For example, a farmer would not prep his/her soil for corn, place corn seeds in it, and then expect roses to come up.

Similarly, you cannot focus on a difficult issue--or even an interesting question--and expect to find a solution. To find a solution, you must expect a solution. 

The energy of expecting a solution feels very different from the energy of needing a problem to be solved.

Let us sit with that.


... trying to solve a problem. Feel what that feels like. To me, it often feels like a mental gymnastics tournament. Trying to come up with a million different plans and really effort my way through it. It is, to put it plainly, exhausting.

Now, imagine...

... expecting a solution to come. Or knowing that an answer is on its way. A great way to feel this is to remember how you feel when you order something on Amazon and you are checking for the box to come. You don't doubt that it will come. You wait for it because you know it will.

Everything that we ask is answered. Every problem we face has a solution.

That is what the Universe loves to do. It is built for this. It is the way the Universe (and all who are a part of it) expands.

You ask. The Universe answers. The Universe expands. 

Now, just like potatoes, problems/issues/questions, are not BAD.

They are great fodder for making more and more focused choices around the topic of what we truly want.

You cannot know for certain, for example, that you prefer caramel ice cream unless you have tired other flavors right? And you may try many flavors before you decide caramel is your absolute favorite.

You need to know the choices before you can make a good choice.

And aren't we blessed that the human experience provides just that.

So to sum up my answer, the way I deal with issues/problems/questions in my life is like this:

  1. I stew in it. I allow myself to feel the full emotion of it. 
  2. I decide if this is how I really want to feel about it.
  3. I reframe the issue/problem so that I can feel better about it... OR (and this usually works better, actually) I distract myself with something else. 
  4. I do some vibrational work to seal the deal. I meditate, do some breathwork, or recite a mantra. Sometimes I'll take a nap with the intention of waking up with a renewed perspective.
Remember, the more people you get involved in your "problems", the more they will remind you of it--even if they are well-meaning. Leave it alone and the answer will come.

The more you align with who you really are through YOGA or other spiritual practices, the easier this will become.


potatoes are nt a problem.

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