New and Improved YouTube Experience

I learned how to make an intro for my videos the other day, and here is the product: 

The video itself wasn't edited, just the intro. I had one last song from -8 that needed an official video on my YouTube channel, in order to represent the entire album.

So here it is: "Har Piaarai Jio" - mantra for understanding the nature of sound, and the awareness that our human body as a resonator of sound. This mantra is about vibration.

This mantra isn't really a mantra though. It is considered a shabad, because it's longer, and it is an entire section of a longer bani (Sikh hymn).

The full bani is called "Anand Sahib," which is also where I got the ending of my song "Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul") that Sat Darshan Singh sings. Here is the LIVE version, which pre-dates the recording that has become so popular.

Sirgun Kaur

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