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Dear friend,
I am excited to introduce you to my latest creation. Her name is -8 (pronounced "minus eight"), for she is tuned 8 hertz below standard tuning.
She is my fifth mantra album. I poured more of myself into her than any other project I have undertaken to date. She is imbued with all the love, attention, clarity, and appreciation that she asked of me. While my first reaction was often to hold back, she inspired me to give more, allow more, and BE more. And through this process, we have both emerged--her for the first time, and me, a continually growing and evolving student of life.
It is with immense gratitude for the angels who helped me create THE COSMIC GIFT, Chad Elliott Wilkins (my co-producer), Liv Singh Khalsa(mixer and engineer), Daniel Jai Jot Higuera (percussion), Ram Dass Khalsa(clarinet), as well as everyone who has listened to my music and encouraged me along my path, that I present to you...
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