LOVE IS Music Video

Dearest Friend,

Yogi Bhajan said "love is love." This might seem like a rather silly thing to say, like "food is food" or "green is a color."

I think the simplicity is the genius here. 

Love is so much easier, so much simpler, so much closer than we make it out to be. 

When we think, and act, as if love is something difficult to acquire, hard to hold onto, something we are often unworthy of, or that someone else has more of than we do, then we SIMPLY aren't getting that LOVE IS LOVE.

Love is right here.
Right now.
In our smile.
In our breath.

It's not in another person's attention.
It's not in another person's affection. 

It is the very air we breathe, light we see, sound we hear. It is SIMPLY always here. 

While it's impossible to turn away from it completely (we are literally steeped in it, like a fish in water!), it is entirely possible to hold ourselves apart from it. It in entirely possible to disallow it in our NOW. 

This video (and song) is about that journey to knowing we ARE love, we DESERVE love, we EMANATE love, we AMPLIFY love, we CREATE love.

Because... after all. Love is just, well...



P.S. This video was shot at Bhakti Fest 2017. If you see yourself or someone you know, let me know if the comments!

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