Kindness Looks Amazing On You


I was at the Phoenix Children's Museum today with my boys. The one room they really wanted to hang out in the most was the under 3 year old room, where my 5 year old has to stay in what I call "big boy jail" so as not to disrupt the babies and toddlers. So my 2 year old joined him in there and they hung out in a tiny play pen for over 40 minutes together... in a building that is three stories high!

(I get a kick out of my kids.)

Sitting on a bench was a mother of two girls wearing a shirt that lit me up from inside. It said "kindness looks amazing on you."

I don't usually feel enlightened from a tee-shirt, but there it was. Instant zen.

I could feel my shoulders relax and a brightness emanating from my heart, like it was a reminder that I bothered to notice. I got the memo.

So here's your message if you choose to receive it:

Kindness looks amazing on YOU too. :-)

Sirgun Kaur

P.S. If you want a little uplift in your, check out one of my personal favorite playlists. It's not mantra music, of even my music. Just really happy songs with beautiful messages. It's called "Happy Me."

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