If You Want to Know Something, TEACH IT!

It is said that if you want to truly know something, you must teach it. As I teach my "Reclaim Your Happiness" workshop more and more, I am tuning into the intelligence of this saying.

The reason I teach a workshop on happiness is not because I am the happiest person who has ever lived, and I want to share my secrets. 

Not so much. 

The reason I teach this workshop is because I have gone through some very dark periods in my life, and not only have I survived, but I have accomplished unspeakably amazing things... effortlessly.

Until I started listening to Abraham-Hicks, I didn't realize that my darkest moments were literally creating my best solutions.

I couldn't access my solutions until I started vibrating at their frequency though. And the frequency of solution is always the same as the frequency of HAPPY.

When we are happy, we are carefree. We are allowing. We are also already fulfilled, and, ironically, don't need anything.

And even though this might seem like the worst trick the Universe could play on us (it's not, but I'll get to that), we don't ever get what we need. We get what we are

Can you hear that?

If you're depressed, you don't attract love. You attract depression and more things that amplify that.
If you're happy, you get more happy and things that amplify your happiness.

There is no limit to how low or how high you can go. 

But it's super important to note where you are at any given point in time. Because what you're feeling will tell you where you are. And where you are will be either a short or a long distance from what you want. 

In other words, if you're sad, you know you are far from where your inner being is. You aren't aligned. You aren't in a place to be receptive to your good.

But what you are doing is experiencing unwanted things, which creates a lot of waiting-to-be-revealed solutions for you. 

When you're HAPPY, you are not only closest to where you want to be, you are closest to who you are. Happy is YOU. 

Also, when you are happy, you are receptive to all the solutions, all the good, that awaits you. 

HAPPY is the only truly productive state. 

Want to know more? Stay tuned... 

Here's my video on teaching. 


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