Hey, What's RIGHT?

Greetings Luminous Leader,

You might be confused by my chosen title because you probably don't hear anyone going around saying: "hey there, what's right with you?"

So often people ask each other "what's wrong?" because as humans we have confused focusing on each other's problem with caring.

It's well-meaning, but it's not a productive use of your time, or someone else's for that matter, to recount all the things that went wrong in your day.

Do you believe energy follows attention? Do you believe you create your own reality by what you focus on?

And for the completely skeptical: if you had just one moment left to your life, would you want to use it to complain?

(I'm going to hope the answer is NO as I flow onto the next sentence...)

Then why would you want to draw your attention, let alone someone else's, to your problems?

There are literally millions of things at any given moment that are going amazingly RIGHT that you are completely ignoring. And it's affecting your ability to see clearly. It's affecting your ability to create the reality you actually want for yourself.


Here are 3 categories of things that are certainly going RIGHT for you. While I cannot see through your eyes and notice all the things you could notice through them, here are some ideas to get you started at re-framing your reality.

Appreciation appreciates (i.e adds value) what you are experiencing. Appreciate something and you add importance to it. Add importance to it, and you'll talk about it more. Talk about it more and you'll have more of it to talk about.

1. NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Have you ever considered how truly blessed we are that there is air to breathe, that the sun comes up every single morning, that the Earth continues to rotate on its axis? Too basic? How about the human ingenuity that has built structures that stand up straight (houses), house people vertically (apartment buildings), carry passengers miles up in the air (planes) to the furthest reaches of the planet... The things to notice will vary greatly depending on where you are, but they are there for you to notice nonetheless. 

2. NOTICE YOUR BODY: I don't have a good enough knowledge of human anatomy to list all the magical components of your body! Even if you are laying in a coma right not (which you're not because you're reading this), your body is amazing. Your eyes, ears, eyelashes, mouth, lips, tongue, hair, legs, skin keeping it all together, all the sensors with which you see, hear, taste, touch, smell... all might not apply to you, but many will. The intricate system of internal organs that are functioning while you are simply sitting down is mind-blowing. And it all happens without you having to do anything. In fact, that's probably why you rarely think about how great your body is until you have something wrong with it, right? Don't wait until you're sick to appreciate your health. And if you are sick, notice the parts of your body that are still going RIGHT. 

3. NOTICE KINDNESS: There are so many people out there doing nice things for others. Maybe they are letting you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store, maybe the bank teller smiled at you, maybe you get to witness a child laughing at the playground. This is all for your enjoyment. Don't dismiss the positive vibrations of the incidental people in your life. See what happens when you tell the story of the free coffee the barista gave you because they accidentally made an extra, or the toddler who drew a picture for you in the sand. It will change your life. 

OK, THAT'S ALL for now. I do appreciate crystals. This set was given to me by my friend Nina at Sage Moon. I do appreciate gifts. And crystals. :-)


The mantra for appreciation is "Waheguru." It has WOW (wahe) built into it. Chant Waheguru and become amazed by your life. 

Here's a musical version from my album THE COSMIC GIFT:

And a playlist to get your started...

Sirgun Kaur

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