Do You Want to Play YOGA?

Sat Nam,

I recorded our home yoga practice from a couple of days ago to make this video. In it, I explain how we go about practicing as a family, what yoga play activities we did on this particular day... and you'll hear my son and I sing "The Longtime Sun" (with both of us on piano!)

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your own home practice with your children.

I've noticed that my 5-year old will sing the songs all day. And even though he gripes about having to do this every morning, he always has a fun time anyway. It's become NORMAL, so it becomes less difficult to motivate them each day we do it.

As with anything kids-related, I find that variety is important. Don't do the same thing each day!

And also, don't expect them to participate like compliant adults. Encourage, but don't MAKE them, or it stops being fun. If something isn't working, CHANGE it up.

Happy yoga-ing!

From my little yogis to yours!

Sirgun Kaur

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