Sat Nam Fierce Friend,

After the nice comments I got about my full album video of The Cosmic Gift, I was inspired to make one for my latest release: -8.

This album means a lot to me because it marks my return to the world of producing.

For those of you who do not know what that entails, producers make music sound like more than just a live recording. They make the artists you know and love sound like "them."

Chad Wilkins was my co-producer on this album, and he added so many great elements, like a reggae vibe on "Ra Ma Da Sa", and all the ukulele harmonies that sound like harp to my ears sometimes. Without his contributions, this album would sound very different.

And given that I LOVE the way this album turned out, I'm glad it doesn't.

Chad also played most of the instruments on this album including ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, and even a little bit of organ (for "Ra Ma Da Sa").

In fact, I appreciated the elements he added so much I decided to release a spin-off album called Minus Vox. It's everything except the voices.

The other contributors to this album added equally uplifting additions: Jai Jot Singh on percussion, Ram Dass Khalsa on clarinet, and Caleb Michel on drum kit for "Kabir's Realization."

I had so much fun making this album. And I felt so grateful to have been able to devote as much time as I did to it, thanks to my sister-in-law watching my children 4 days a week.

This was my first endeavor since having children that made me realize I could mother AND chant, and have enough time for both.


Sirgun Kaur

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