Sensitive = Powerful :: HERE'S WHY...

Why is sensitivity powerful? Because emotions are our Cosmic GPS. Emotions simply indicate how far, or how close, our current perspective is compared with the highest perspective of our Soul. Imagine your Soul could communicate with you... well, it can: through your emotions. So while most people feel angry, or resentful, or jealous and think: "uh oh, something must be wrong with that, this, or myself", those who know how to use their emotions as their built-in GPS, know that they can alter their perspective and feel better. They will feel guided, not lost. They will feel connected, not confused.

When you feel better, you are connected to who you truly are (blended with your Soul), and you receive inspiration. Inspiration is any "idea" that comes to usher you towards your pre-birth intentions. You are constantly being led to where you intended to go, who you intended to become, what you intended to explore. But if you are ignoring, suppressing, or over-dramatizing your emotions, you are missing their message.

The only thing that comes between the current version of you, and the you you intended to become, is a perspective based in fear. Because when you perceive danger, you do not act when inspired. You do not make bold moves in love. You do not think you are worthy of it.

THAT is why sensitivity is powerful. Because when you can start to notice your emotions in neutrality ("oh, look I'm sad!", "oh, huh, I'm annoyed", you will notice the limiting beliefs that make it possible for you to choose that emotion and perspective. And when you can see that it's all an illusion based in irrational fear (most of the time, when you're not hanging off a cliff), you can act on that inspiration and see where it leads.

If you're interested in learning how to use your emotions as the best tool in the Universe, through awareness and processing of irrational fears based in limiting beliefs (that's a mouthful!), contact me via info AT sirgunkaur DOT com