New Single: THIS IS THE WAY!

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” -Rumi

I was inspired to write my own lyrics along this theme for Songs Of Eden and mine’s newest single released TODAY.

In my own words...
When dusk gets distraught
All seems lost
The tree begs for mercy from the frost
Rebirth comes at a glorious cost
I know you’re loath to stay
But come come this is the way


The story behind this track...

Many of the people I work with express this exhaustion over their pursuits in self-improvement. It IS exhausting trying to improve because it's impossible.
You will never improve.

Simply, because you are perfect NOW. Self-improvement is an infinite journey to nowhere. It is a constant gaze into a non-existent future. It is a self-imposed postponement of joy.

You cannot be waiting to improve in this moment, and simultaneous feel joy in this moment.

The idea of improvement means this moment is flawed. You are incomplete. How could that feel good to you?

It can't.

NOW is constantly evolving. And you are constantly expanding and growing. But you were GOOD yesterday. You were GOOD two minutes ago. And you are GOOD right now.

I wrote this song from this new vantage point. I believe the autumn leaves ACCEPT that they will fall. I believe the trees ACCEPT there is a seasonal process.

How absurd would it be if we mourned the sunset each night... worried there might be no sun tomorrow? And yet, we do that with most everything else in our life. We want change, yet we are unwilling to release anything to make room for that change.

What if we assumed that "loss" was actually a making room. What if we felt nurtured by the Universe and knew that everything was happening FOR us, to make room for the new?

That is what this song is about... and that is what my life's work is about. Enjoying the PROCESS. Not waiting for the RESULT. THAT is the way I prefer :-)

If you want to learn how to do this I encourage you to reach our to me via  email: info AT sirgunkaur DOT com