How to MERGE -- Answered by Sara

QUESTION: Are you able to tell HOW I focus on myself to make myself happy / enlightened and relaxing myself with my own mission here on earth? I’m not entirely sure what my mission even is. We’re told it’s to find / merge with god. That feels to me like saying ‘land on the moon and figure out how’ - seems very distant from my own capacity to make it happen.

ANSWER: When you were a child you understood how to feel good. You understood how to find joy in simple things. You didn’t hold grudges. You didn’t have preconceived notions of right and wrong. This is because joy is your natural state. In joy, you feel the merger of your small human self with the larger part of you. All that is. In joy, you are able to see yourself and everyone around you with clarity and ease.

You do not need to find anything, as it hasn’t gone anywhere. You have simply developed a habit, over the period of several human years, of disconnecting from who you truly are. You do this mostly to please others. You adopted certain limiting beliefs as a child because those who were teaching you—perhaps your parents, or your teachers, or even your friends—wanted you to fit into their society. They didn’t want to feel badly about your maladjustment to the society you lived in. They were operating in the only way they knew how—out of fear. They feared that if you acted in a certain way, you would cause a rift in their state of affairs, and they did not want to feel the negative emotion associated with this. In order to make sure you acted a certain way, they controlled you by withholding their love. They scolded you for not acting as you “should.” And so, you developed a certain understanding of the things you do to gain people’s affection, and the things you do to gain their trust, and the things you do, conversely, to make enemies. They taught you very well how to manipulate them, by manipulating you into acting a certain way. This was the way that most people operated in this time, and most today continue to do so.

We are witnessing a shift on your planet. This is the great shift from fear to love. You are now discovering that the old approach of manipulating others through your inauthentic actions simply doesn’t work the way you want it to. Your children have come to this planet at a time of great awakening—not by mistake. Their vibration is tuned to that of the planet’s right now, and consequently, they have a part to play in this shift. They must understand how this approach of control works. They must live in it. They must have an experience of seeing how humans accumulate limitation, bondage and fear. They are great explorers.

You too are a great explorer, and you came at the perfect time as well. When you were born, your vibration was higher than that of your parents, and your elders. It is always this way. The youth bring an elevated vibration and they revitalize the planet. This system is designed perfectly to set humankind on a trajectory of gradual evolution. This evolution does not feel as gradual as it did 100 years ago because everything seems to have accelerated. As the vibration of the planet continues to rise, so time will seem to speed up. This too is an illusion, but you will feel it nonetheless.

And so while it is the best time for humankind to connect to who they truly are, it is also the most complicated and challenging time for you to do so. The fact that you are interested is proof that you are capable of seeing through this illusion and merging with who you truly are.

Who you truly are is not on vacation somewhere while you figure things out. Who you truly are is guiding you even now. You are in communication with YOU in every moment of every day. You just aren’t realizing it as keenly as you will with practice. Every time you feel negative emotion that is a communication from your Soul that you are seeing an illusion. You feel negative emotion because your Soul does not see what you see and cannot “be there” with you as you hold yourself apart from it. You see, you cannot actually be separate from your Soul, from Source, from God, but you can create enough mental clutter to make yourself believe you are.

Imagine a field of energy surrounding you, holding you. Imagine feeling that Cosmic hug often. That would feel so good. When you feel good, that is a cosmic hug. Because the inverse is true about good feeling emotions. They are a communication from your Soul that you are seeing things similarly to it. In this moment that you are feeling joy, or peace, or bliss, you are in merger. That’s all it is. And the more you cultivate the importance of your own good feeling—your own peace of mind, your own self-worth—the greater your capacity will be to feel this Cosmic hug that is always squeezing you tightly. It is never somewhere else. It is always with you.

We are here with you every step of the way. You can take a deep breath, feel relief, and that relief is the hug. You can calm yourself down after a fit of tears and in that space of surrender, you will feel merger.

As you begin to apply focus and recognize these spiritual moments, you will grow in your capacity to “merge”--as you call it. You will become the Jivan Mukta who walks through life with the knowledge of your spiritual, joyful nature. You will feelsthe enormous rocket-powered Cosmic hug that is constantly trying to get your attention. It’s there in more moments than you notice now. This is changing. You can do this.

With our love,