Enlightenment, Channeling, Oh My! -- A Question for Sara


I have a big question for Sara. I’ve been contemplating that in ancient times, certain individuals like Christ, Krishna and Buddha achieved enlightenment. Meanwhile, in modern times, there are individuals who channel non-physical entities (or stream) like Abraham, Sara, Joshua, Laurel etc. I guess my question is if enlightenment is a different expansion than channeling? Are these parallel paths to connecting with Source? The older path birthed world religions...is Stream the next iteration? I sense that the teachings, old and new, stem from Source, but the new way (channeling) is perhaps more a vibrational match for the age of technology, one that guides us to a higher perspective without the formality and structure of religion.


Enlightenment, channeling, meditation, peace of mind—these are various ways people experience a state of union in their physical experience. You see, you are part and parcel of the One Source. Humans have many ways of describing both the experience of what it is to flow that Source through their awareness, and also how to attain that state.

When you receive an insight, it is for you. You are a unique expression of Source energy and as such, your path towards what you conceive of as enlightenment (which is what we would call clarity) will be different than your neighbor’s, and certainly than your ancestors’. Their specific vibrational frequency is different from yours, and as such, they will be led towards different information, different experiences, and different manifestations that will confirm and highlight their own belief systems.

In the times of Krishna, Jesus, Moses, etc people were not ready to see themselves as one with Source just yet. The messages that were channeled by these individuals—for channeling is merely a physical and auditory expression of connection with Source—were meant for that time. They were exactly the shift that was needed at that time and place. Not more. Not less. Not everyone was ready for these messages, and some would only find them years after the messenger had left the physical plane.

In this day and age, many are finding that they have the ability to connect with the Source of who they truly are and relay the vibrational messages that they receive in that neutral state. It is not beyond your ability to do either. It is completely natural.

For we hear that in your question, you are placing these individuals above your own capacity to do the same. Enlightenment is not a state that is attained and kept forever. It is a point of balance. It is a state attained in certain moments when the choice could very well be to disconnect and react to the illusion of physical reality. All masters have had human experiences. Without those experiences they would be poor teachers. They would have no understanding of what being a human is, and therefore would have no ability to communicate on a genuine level with their fellow humans. You are not different. You have had life experiences that will allow you to communicate authentically with certain people who will gravitate towards you. Your practice of maintaining your own equipoise and alignment will allow you to see them clearly and understand your unique role in their life. You ask this question because you are discovering who you truly are as a spiritual leader and teacher. It sparks interest because you wonder how probable or possible it will be for you to do the same. Is it attainable? Your ability to connect is a hundred fold compared to the leaders of yesterday, no matter how highly your population holds these people in their esteem. The reason is simple: the vibration of the planet continues to raise and you were a vibrational match to this planet the day you chose to be born. You have a unique perspective. You will be able to tap into realms and perspectives that are completely unique and have never been heard before here on Earth. That is your power as a creator. That is your power as a human being and the unique way you are tuned to the Earth’s frequency. You are here to be a channel, to be enlightened, to understand all of this and know that everything is always perfect. You are here to relay a very specific message, from a very specific point of reference, to a very specific audience who will be uniquely affected by it. And yet you are not here to do this for any one else. You are here to do this so you can see yourself as this supreme being. You are here to do this so you can see yourself clearly. One with Source. One with everything that is. One with everyone. No one is greater or lesser than you. We are all in this together.

With our love,