A Message from Sara


I have been channeling a group of non-physical beings called "Sara" for a few months now. This is the first question from someone other than myself I have ever been inspired to answer. Here it is...


Went kayaking and hiking with my kids yesterday and they whined so much! Was wondering how to enjoy anything whilst in the company of whining children!


You can enjoy anything if you perceive you are the creator. If you are seeing yourself as the victim of circumstances that are out of your control, you cannot enjoy even the most thrilling of experiences. Why is this? Because you perceive that your children can create in your reality. You perceive that their enjoyment, or gratitude, or jubilation over an event you experience together means something about you. You may even perceive that their non-enjoyment of the event you selected points to a failure in your parenting, or deeper still, a sign of their lack of love for you. In reality, it means none of these things. It means as much as other people’s children non having a fun time around you. If you were observing a couple from afar that seemed to be bored by the experience, would you take it personally? Probably not. And yet they are also experiencing this event with you, and you are also linked to them by the sheer fact that you are all Source and its different perspectives in that moment. But how they feel does not mean anything about you to you. How your children feel does not mean anything about you either. 

Your children are sovereign beings who have come here with their own guidance system. Their lack of enjoyment is simply revealing to them that they are perceiving an illusion. They are disconnected from who they really are in that moment and because they have not been completely socialized to suppress their emotions, they do what all humans would do if they were being authentic: they express the discomfort of their negative emotion. Brilliant! This is great news. If they were having an awful time and they had been trained to stare out the window or lie that they were having a blast, wouldn’t that be disappointing to you? You have two beautiful examples of what the expression of negative emotion looks like. What a wonderful theater for you to behold! What a gift! Can you see that you are learning to do this very thing—identify and truly feel your negative emotions? Do you realize that you have learned what this negative emotion means, how to process it, and how to minimize its hold over your life? Do you see how mutually beneficial this relationship can be? They know what it means to be authentic, and you have a higher perspective of reality. You have tools that they will ask you about soon enough. There is nothing going wrong here from our perspective. Everything is going is right. You are loved beyond what you can feel right now, but we ask you to trust it nonetheless. 

With our love,